With so many choices of color for your cabinets or furniture, it’s difficult sometimes to make that final decision.  Well, here at Schnubs we work to bring you classic and trending colors, so you can update your space how you want it.  We also color match at no charge.  Browse our colors below.

Whether you’re looking to to brighten your kitchen cabinets, update your bathroom, or just give that old furniture piece new life, Schnubs has the color you need.  Our unique paint is specifically designed for wood.  No priming necessary.  Very little sanding required.  It’s fast drying, and won’t leave any sort of a tacky feeling on your cabinets or furniture.  It’s water resistant, stain resistant, smooth like lacquer, and durable like enamel.  We’ve created a process and a paint that’s perfect for you to give you that professional look without costing an arm and a leg.  You’ll feel that sense of satisfaction as you transform your living space.  Free training videos and project help along the way will ensure you get the results you want.  EASIEST PAINT JOB. EVER.